Designing an Emotional Connection for the Travel Industry

Published 6/1/15
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Travelers are always searching for the best way to plan their trip, whether it be a business trip, a vacation away from the business or a vacation from their vacation. We’ve all been there, right?

These all need some level of inspiration along the way. Depending on your personal career goals, you may or may not need inspiration for that upcoming business trip. But that family vacation must have some kind of inspiration and, of course, that so-called “family vacation” that turned into a total nightmare filled with work away from work will surely need some inspiration. That inspiration can come in many forms; for example, a destination marketing email you may have signed up for when last contemplating a getaway.

Clicking on said email might then bring you to one of the most beautiful, well-thought-out websites with all of the planning tools needed: Things to do, places to stay, an events calendar and even a way to book rooms directly through this great destination website.

Now, what drives you to stay on this site and remain engaged enough to plan your next trip there?

As an art director for several of the sites we have produced here at Miles, I’d like to say it’s the beautiful photography as well as the presentation of branding and graphics. Or maybe it’s the engaging videos that auto-play as you parallax scroll through this fantasy vacation land. In reality, it’s these things and several other ingredients that play a major role in inspiring you to plan your next vacation there.

What all of these things are truly inspiring, though, is an emotional connection. If any one of these particular parts of the puzzle don’t have chemistry with the other ingredients, you will likely jump off onto another destination website or online planning tool.

For instance, can you imagine a destination website with no photography, but it has a really awesome, inspiring dialogue? Well, I hope you have a good imagination because it’s really up to you to fantasize what the place looks like. On the other hand, what if the site was just filled with beautiful photos of the destination and no content? Wow! That’s beautiful! Uhhh…. Where is this? How do I get there? There’s no real emotional connection with any of that.

There’s a fine line to walk in creating a visually appealing experience while also providing enough of the right information for prospective visitors. When all of the ingredients come together, you ask yourself questions about the destination and, by an intuitive process, the answers will appear right in front of your eyes. This place “looks” awesome. This article really has me excited about my visit. The music and the energy of that video have me excited. I can close my eyes and see myself there now. This is the kind of user experience we want. We want you to feel that first-person experience and know that arriving in that destination won’t be hard to achieve.

Here at Miles we have teams of specialists that all focus on the separate ingredients that form this inspiring online experience: Art, content, web development, data and analytics experts all come together to deliver a well-designed emotional connection to a destination that is both engaging and helpful in planning your trip.

So when you’re planning your next adventure, whether it be for business or leisure, ask yourself, is this website or visitor guide helpful? Is it inspiring me to go there? Does it have the tools I need to help me plan and book my trip? If it does, then happy travels!