Email Adoption Grows with 18 – 24 Year Olds

Published 5/1/12
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According to data from the Pew Research Center, while teens tend to be less engaged with email as a communications tool, once they hit 18 and leave home, their use of email grows, along with the potential for marketers to reach this audience.

In a presentation to attendees at MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit, it was also revealed that marketers need to provide a more tangible purpose to their email efforts, and put less emphasis on pure promotion.
The full article on also shares information about the impact of smartphones on email marketing. Here are some headlines:
Targeting the 18 – 24 year old demo 1. According to Pew, only 6% of teens use email daily; 39% say they never use email. 2. However, as they begin to go to college, open bank accounts, buy insurance, etc., they start relying on email more frequently.
Smartphones and Email 1. 37% of people say they use email more since getting smartphone. 2. On the flipside, 36% say the smartphone limits their ability to use email to its full potential.
When it comes to which brands are doing the best job with email, Amazon led the pack with 20% naming the company unprompted.