Finding the Travel Inspiration and Translating It to Your Content Marketing

Published 7/13/15
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I’m a Colorado native, born and raised in a small town called Basalt. Being a “native” (that is a very proud label to carry in Colorado), I feel safe to say that I have explored the majority of the areas of my home state; however, my recent trip to Durango reminded me that so many exciting travel experiences are so close.

Taking this inspiration from my own travels, I re-asked myself (this question comes up frequently), “How do ‘we,’ as travel destination marketers, tap into this charge of inspirational energy and translate it to our audiences to get them up and out the door?” The answer is the way we engage potential travelers.

Inspiration Through Visuals

The human brain is absolutely fueled by visuals. Show them before you tell them. First, offer the best imagery to engage potential travelers, then offer them the inspirational content that turns them from longing into planning.

Don’t Take My Word For It — Take Their Word!

Hiring amazing photographers and having a large photo budget helps, but why not incorporate social media that is already feeding mass amounts of imagery and trip ideas about your destination? By using social feeds and incorporating Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter-generated content to your destination website, you are showing that not only are we the experts, but look, these people are having a great time, too!

Content is King! 

After you’ve hooked them with incredibly enticing imagery, send in the content! Try to invest in content pieces that can be long-standing (timeless or evergreen, if you will), trip-inspiring stories that also give visitors the hottest things to do and trip ideas will inspire them to continue the planning process — this may very well push your destination to the very top of their list. Make sure content is relevant, engaging and inspiring and timely!