Global All-Stars Keynote: Mel Asbury

Brand Strategist
Published 7/9/13
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We’re excited to welcome Mel Asbury as this year’s keynote speaker for the Global All-Stars Marketing Institute on July 15, part of the DMAI Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. Fresh off cultural awareness seminars for such clients as Coca-Cola and Visit Orlando, internationally renowned speaker Mel Asbury specializes in diversity training across international audiences. We know that overseas visitors stay longer and spend more when they come to the U.S., so Asbury will share cross-cultural promotion strategies that DMOs can implement to successfully market their individual destinations to a global audience.

Along with giving an overview of key marketing strategies that major organizations are using to market and promote their businesses in today’s cross-cultural global marketplace, Asbury will also share what DMOs should be mindful of when dealing with people from different parts of the world in order to be sensitive to their needs, providing a framework for dealing with someone from other countries (i.e. Asia versus Europe) around different major dimensions such as perspective on time, power distance, cultural context, gender, collectivist versus pluralistic cultures and more.

He’ll offer tactical takeaways such as tips on social protocol and business dealings; share some of his own experiences as well as success stories of how companies that have incorporated cross-cultural sensitivities into their business dealings have more success; and talk about communication tools, especially in regards to virtual teams and how to use different technologies for effective cross-cultural communication. In addition to Asbury’s keynote address, Global All-Stars will feature a global marketers roundtable in which leading destination marketers share their case studies in successful partner marketing for today’s globalized market. The session ends with industry-leading researchers revealing exciting results from groundbreaking new studies. Be sure to reserve your seat now.