Global All-Stars Marketing Institute 2014: Online Video as a Medium for World-Class Destination Marketing

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Published 6/24/14
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Inspiration, ideas and insights to drive your online video efforts to a new level

These days a destination’s assets and appeal are top influencers for consumers. In fact, recent Google research reveals that 68% of leisure travelers begin researching online before they've even decided where to travel—which just goes to show how crucial it is to capture the attention of your target audience at the initial “dreaming” stage of the travel planning funnel. One increasingly important way to engage and inspire these potential travelers is through the use of online video.

One in three affluent travelers watch travel videos online.

A January 2014 study from Google and Think Insights showed that one in three affluent travelers watch travel videos, and 64% do so when choosing a destination. By 2017, digital video will be more popular than social networking (Google/Ipsos). Does your DMO have the proper online video assets to capitalize on this growing trend?

This year's Global All-Stars, taking place on July 21, 2014, as part of the DMAI Annual Convention in Las Vegas, will combine the latest insights, case studies and original research on how your destination can be world class in online video, using examples from around the globe. Here's a little more about what you can expect at this year's event:

Renowned filmmaker Bryan Smith (National Geographic TV) will kick off the event with an inspirational keynote addresses in which he’ll share his secrets for successfully using online video as a means to tell a destination’s most authentic story. (You can read more about Bryan in his guest blog post on the DMAI website.)

Lynn Carpenter of Visit California and Karen Clarkson of VisitBritain will then share case studies from their iconic Dream 365 Project and Sounds of GREAT Britain online video campaigns. The session closes with the presentation of original research and analysis from Google, Sparkloft Media and Miles on what makes a top-performing online travel video for destinations.

Key takeaways from the event will include:

  • Learning to utilize video effectively in your content and campaign plans
  • Understanding what KPIs are most important to demonstrate stakeholder results
  • Exploring the online video elements that most highly engage with both US and international markets

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