Goodbye, Google Webmaster Tools. Hello, Google Search Console!

Senior Digital Analyst
Published 5/22/15
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Google announced on May 20 that it is rebranding Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console. The rebranding is a part of a series of changes Google had been making to Webmaster Tools during the past several months.

In the announcement, Google said the term “webmaster” doesn’t apply to all of those who use Webmaster Tools to monitor, maintain and improve the presence of their websites in Google search engine results. It wanted the service’s name to welcome all website owners, SEOs, marketers and more.

With the new name comes new search tools, such as the Search Analytics report. This report will eventually replace the Search Queries report in Webmaster Tools … err Search Console. (So hard to break old habits!)

The Search Queries report became invaluable after Google hid organic search terms in its analytics platform years ago. (Remember the days before “Not Provided?” I don’t.) However, using the Search Queries report in Webmaster Tools, you could see the organic search terms visitors used to reach your site, as well as where your site ranked for that term and the click-through rate for that term (how many people used that term and then clicked through to your site). Great stuff!

The Search Analytics report is an impressive upgrade on the Search Queries report. The same data exists, but there is so much more, including the ability to filter data, change metrics, compare different values and review data by device type, date and country.

It’s almost like “Not Provided” never happened, given the vast amount and usefulness of the data in this report.

Though the Webmaster Tools has a new name and a new search terms report, the rest of the features and data we’re used to seeing is still there. The Dashboard remains the same, and all of your other indexing, linking and crawling tools and information exist as they have been.

The rebranding and Search Analytics reports will be rolling out to all Webmaster … Ugh … Search Console accounts in the coming weeks.