Google’s Enhanced Campaigns Go Live

Published 7/23/13
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Yesterday marked the cut-off day for manually transitioning your Google AdWords campaigns to the company’s new Enhanced Campaigns; after July 22, all accounts were automatically upgraded – or will be, as the full transition will likely take some time.

There’s been a lot of buzz about the new Enhanced Campaigns since its initial launch in February. The main sticking point for most marketers is that brands can no longer target by device (desktop, tablet or mobile); rather, all campaigns are now distributed across all devices. This change makes the need for brands – and DMOS – to have a responsive-design website, or at the very least a mobile-first strategy, all the more important. (Read more about responsive design here and here.) This article from shares reactions from the industry, while provides a roundup of new features. For more information, check out this white paper from Google on Strategies for Success with Enhanced Campaigns.