Great American Food Stories

Project Manager
Published 7/22/14
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The Brand USA team here at Miles is well versed in the production of all things international-travel related, but we recently flexed our creative (and culinary) muscles for a project we had not previously tackled – Brand USA’s Discover America “Great American Food Stories” culinary initiative. Working closely with the team at Brand USA, Miles produced an exciting new edition of this culinary guide which “inspires the world to discover the destinations and tastes of our nation like never before.” The print edition of “Great American Food Stories” was published in six languages: North American English, International English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and features regional profiles, chef highlights and, of course, a variety of quintessentially American recipes from across the nation. Click here to view the digital edition of “Great American Food Stories.”

Along with the print edition, the corresponding online and social promotions kicked off with July 4th launches in key markets, leading up to week-long chef tours and corresponding international media/PR campaigns across the globe. To view the digital content, exclusive online recipes and learn more about the featured chefs, visit