Highlights from Confab 2015

Published 5/28/15
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“If content had a smell, a lot of it sure would stink,” said Gerry McGovern, the closing keynote speaker at Confab, a conference highlighting the topics, trends and best practices shaping today’s most successful content strategies.

Gerry, the founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, was one of the amazing speakers at the content-strategy conference last week in Minneapolis. He discussed user-friendly web design, continuous improvement and other essential aspects to enhancing user satisfaction. While many topics were discussed at Confab, improving user experiences was a theme that really stuck with me.

Gerry’s statement might not resonate with many professionals, but I think it cleverly sums up what many content managers like myself encounter on an everyday basis: outdated or useless content. How can we help travelers find our clients’ good content when there’s so much bad content out there?

Much of the conference’s content experts focused on the rising importance of curating existing content and reaffirmed my belief in advocating for our readers and working together to eliminate low-quality, outdated content. While the tasks seem difficult to execute, there are some things we can easily do, including performing content audits (the process of evaluating content assets on a website), removing articles with duplicate text and spending content hours refreshing existing articles (versus writing brand-new ones).

And when in doubt, remember that you’re not alone! Another valuable lesson I learned from Confab is there are tons of helpful resources out there — and professionals who love discussing good (and bad) content. So don’t hesitate to do your research and reach out to the pros. Together we can eliminate stinky content one piece at a time.