How to Stand Out from the DMO Crowd

Account Director/Senior Content Director
Published 3/14/13
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Planning a little weekend getaway? Pick up a travel brochure – any brochure – and don’t tell me where it’s from. Betcha’ I can still tell you what it says …

“Come enjoy the charming small town of (INSERT CITY NAME HERE), where great restaurants and friendly people stroll picturesque tree-lined streets. In (INSERT CITY NAME HERE) you’ll find something for the whole family – art, culture, history, outdoor recreation and so much more. Experience the perfect getaway in (INSERT CITY NAME HERE)!” Don’t believe me? Pick up any three brochures and cross out the destination’s name in the copy. Now read for yourself. They all sound pretty similar, don’t they? We know, we’ve done it. This “our place is just like every other place” syndrome is a condition that afflicts many a DMO’s marketing materials. But here’s the thing: Just about EVERY place has friendly people and great restaurants and historic sites and – wait for it – something for everyone! What is it that REALLY sets your destination apart? Identify those attributes and sing them loud and proud. Because no one else can. Fortunately for us, we get to work with some great destination clients who get it right. There’s only one Horse Capital of the World (Kentucky), one Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Memphis), one River Walk (San Antonio), one Bourbon Street (Louisiana). Own it. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Brilliant! Travelers don’t want to visit you because you’re just like everyplace else. They want to come because you’ll offer them an experience they simply can’t find anywhere else. That’s what sets you apart – and your storytelling should reflect it.