How to Update Your Emails During COVID-19

Project Manager, Email Marketing
Published 3/20/20
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Even though travel is currently at a standstill until COVID-19 is under control, there are still a lot of ideas and content you can share with your email subscribers. Below is a list of things destinations and attractions are doing to stay engaged, all of which are great ways to keep a destination at the top of travelers’ minds when we’re all finally able to travel again.

1. Share online videos and live streams.

Cincinnati Zoo, the Great Wall of China, San Diego Zoo and National Parks have all done this, and I for one have loved it. With two kids at home from school right now, they’re understandably going a little stir crazy. So far, we’ve been able to experience animals up close at the zoo, explore Yellowstone National Park and venture to the Great Wall of China, all from the comfort of our home. In watching these videos, my kids are not only learning a lot, but they are already asking when they can visit the destinations in person. If your destination has unique content or partners such as museums, zoos or park with engaging content, this is a great time to encourage them to share these videos or start live streams. These links are great additions to an email and can be a great source of inspiration for a future trip to your destination.

2. Feature pictures and ideas of things to do.

With everyone at home keeping their social distance, there’s not a whole lot to do. This is a perfect time to get people thinking about their future travel plans, because we know we’re all going to need a vacation once everything calms down. Sending tips for things to do in-market along with compelling images can help travelers start imagining the activities they want to try and places they want to visit within your destination.

3. Support small, local business owners.

Have special boutique shops that can fulfill online orders? Feature them in an email to try and help them stay afloat during this time so that the shops they’ll still be available when leisure travel resumes.

4. Create an email for the locals.

Distributing information on what businesses are open and offering to-go, delivery or other special services to accommodate the situation not only gives those businesses additional support but provides locals with up to date information in the middle of times that are otherwise relatively fluid.

5. Utilize social media channels.

If you’re keeping your social channels up to date on what’s happening, make sure your emails have links to your accounts. While you might be posting often with information regarding COVID-19, continue posting destination content including fun things that people can do or experience from their home.

Everything that is happening right now is unprecedented, but keeping your subscribers engaged and informed during this time can keep your destination relevant and on their travel list in the months ahead.