How US Travelers See Vaccinations – COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Spotlight

Head of Research and Insights
Published 9/10/21
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Vaccine divisions are driving growing health, business and tourism consequences
  • See the research summary on vaccinations from the COVID-19 Travel Sentiment research here
  • See the COVID-19 US Travel Sentiment research here

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is surging across the US and is driving a renewed focus on vaccination rates across the country — and amongst US travelers. The COVID-19 US Travel Sentiment research from Longwoods International and Miles Partnership has been asking questions on COVID-19 vaccinations since early 2021, and we summarize these insights and takeaways below and in the attached research summary here.

Key Insights on COVID-19 Vaccinations, April to July 2021

  • US travelers are more vaccinated and supportive of COVID-19 vaccinations than the wider US population (63% to 53% as of late July). 
  • Higher vaccination rates in destinations, plus destinations and tourism businesses that have vaccine requirements, are both seen as positives in the travel decisions of most US travelers (53%-57%). See below.

  • A significant majority of US travelers (68%) also supports vaccination requirements for some or all international visitors coming to the USA. See below.

  • However, like the wider US population, a solid minority of US travelers (29%) are unsure or do not plan to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and 10% say they will not support any destinations or businesses requiring vaccinations. 

BOTTOM LINE:  With pandemic and health experts stressing the importance of high vaccination rates in mitigating the Delta variant’s spread, this division has both health and business consequences. It is adding to the spread of this new wave of COVID-19, which in turn impacts the confidence of US travelers and/or accelerates the re-introduction of health mitigation measures (e.g.: mask mandates; border and event restrictions) — all impacting the recovery of tourism. 

Two examples of this impact – US travelers’ comfort in welcoming visitors into their community and their own perceived safety in traveling – have both dropped significantly (20% and 12%) in the last month to early August 2021. See below.