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Vice President of Marketing
Published 8/10/18
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This blog was co-developed with Ara Parikh, Product Marketing Manager at OmniVirt.

At the recent 2018 Destinations International Annual Convention, Miles had the opportunity to share an immersive storytelling experience with convention attendees in our Global All-Stars Immersion Lab. Joined by the team at OmniVirt, we displayed a combination of Miles projects and OmniVirt projects that showcased interactive and immersive experiences.

Storytelling is a great way to show the strengths of a destination- the people, the culture, the hidden gems and all the experiences one can have. Sharing content that will engage and inspire travelers not only promotes a destination, but influences the viewer’s decision throughout the Trip Planning Life Cycle.  At Miles, we curate immersive and interactive experiences with content that engages visitors. From inspirational storytelling to entice visitors to visit your destination to the need-to-know informational content for travelers planning their trip, we cover the whole spectrum of content you need on the web. 

Because of the wide range of technologies available today, we aren’t limited in how we share a destination’s storytelling experience, which is especially true when it comes to technologies like VR and AR. Collaborating with first-in-class technology providers like Google and OmniVirt to create and distribute content on both owned and partner channels, we can make a destination’s content work harder and more efficient.

Focusing in on the power of rich media content in destination storytelling, we’re creating experiences that excite travelers with interactive features that drive deeper exploration with embedded content and video that helps travelers learn more about the location. Utilizing OmniVirt’s technology allows us to layer in these experiential elements on top of 360 videos, giving travelers a vivid sense of place that they can explore through virtual hotspots and interactive elements. OmniVirt-powered interactive 360° experiences can easily be accessed on both desktop and mobile. Mobile in particular helps create a "magic window" into a destination, ultimately creating a more engaging and experiential destination story. This drives users through the travel funnel from inspirational content into more tactical trip planning experiences.



Here are a few examples of projects that showcase these interactive experiences and can be distributed through a variety of devices including VR and head mounted display:

Visit St. Petersburg Clearwater Central Ave Experience


Destination BC

JW Marriott at IndyPlace

Chase-Ritz Carlton San Francisco