Is the Future Mobile ... or Mobility?

Published 7/19/12
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Mobile is a hot topic in today's marketing world. Businesses in all sectors, including destinations and resorts, are looking to create appropriate solutions, including mobile sites, apps and advertising programs. However, a new blog post on the Harvard Business Review argues that in the new mobile gold rush companies are taking "a 'channel' approach vs. a behavioral approach. In short, it's not about mobile as much as it is about understanding mobility."

David Armano's post raises several big questions that any organization should be asking as it races toward mobile. Do we have a sound strategy in place, or are we just implementing a list of random tactics? Does our destination or resort really understand mobility as a behavior and lifestyle? Are we asking the tough questions about the role mobile plays in our business?
In the post, Armano writes:

"Mobile itself is the nuts, bolts, and infrastructure, while mobility is the context which determines if it all works together or doesn't."
So here's the question, is there a real strategy to your mobile -- or should we say -- Mobility Marketing? Or have you put tactics in front of strategy?