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Published 7/10/12
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On the second Tuesday of each month, we bring you new and interesting technology-related tidbits. While many will be related to tools that can be used in destination marketing, some are just for your inner geek.   For July, we're revisiting Travel Week at Wired, checking out a new travel recommendation & booking engine, nosing through other folks' luggage and day-dreaming about space travel.


The Bee's Knees

There’s a new entrant into the travel recommendation engine world: simplehoney. Their self-stated goal is to “make simplehoney.comit easy to find hotels we love.” Pick your travel style (beachy upscale for me, please), traveler type (I’m a Swiss Family Robinson kinda gal, apparently) and identify any upcoming trips. They’ll spit out some recommendations on hotels. Still in its infancy (only covering San Fran and Hawaii currently), they’re waiving the $100 membership fee to early members and have not yet fully implemented their search and booking platform, but their user interface is pretty and concept seems solid. With the steep membership fee, it’s certainly worth the sign-up now and see what they end up offering.  

Travel, Geek Family Style

Last week, Wired’s GeekMom blog featured Travel Week – their recommendations for geeky family travel. It’s definitely worth reading through the week’s posts. You’ll discover the 5 best geeky things to see in Seattle (hat tip to a Miles client), 10 reasons to visit Japan (Video games! Game shows! Cosplay!) and how to share a love of geology at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. They also share tips on road-tripping with kids, traveling toddler tablet use – say that 3 times fast – and avoiding other common travel mistakes.  

What's In Your... Luggage?

Air New Zealand launched a simple, elegant blog back in February called I Am Packed. Sort of like peeking in someone’s medicine cabinet while using their bathroom, the blog gives visitors to look at what other people pack on their trips. The blog’s submissions were limited to those outside the US… until now. To celebrate their inclusion of the good ole USA, Air New Zealand is giving away a roundtrip flight for two from LA to London. Photograph what you’d take on a trip to London and submit the photo via Pinterest or Facebook (hashtagging is important!), before August 7th. For those wondering, I would pack a raincoat and Wellies on a trip to London. It gets wet there.  

Space, the Final Frontier

Travel by car? Old school. Travel by airplane? Been there, done that. Travel at light-speed? I’m listening. Last week’s announcement that scientists have likely discovered the Higgs boson particle, aside from being a spectacular scientific finding, could mean that light-speed travel is possible. We could all boldly go where the likes of Gene Roddenberry, E.R. Boroughs and George Lucas envisioned. I’m still holding out for a blue police box.  

Bonus Feature!

One of my favorite new sites is, run by the “Martha Stewart of Tech”, Brit Morin (a former Appler and Googler). Each week she features a tech-of-the-week post and this week’s edition highlights several apps for enjoying the summer sunshine. My personal favorite is the UV Safe Timer – perfect for knowing when I should next apply sunscreen. It’s flippin’ hot out there!