Make Your Content Work for You

Interactive Content Director
Published 5/11/16
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I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you: As content marketers, it isn’t enough to create new content and publish it to your website. That’s the “easy” part. The hard part is putting your content to work for you, where and when your audience is most likely to see it – and, more importantly, read it.

Take a step back for a second and think like a consumer instead of a marketer. We know that consumers think in micro-moments (thanks, Google), those seconds in which they’re scrolling through their news feed, performing a search or reading a news article – usually on a phone or tablet.

Google research tells us that 69% of leisure travelers who use smartphones search for travel ideas when they have spare seconds during the day, whether that’s while standing in line at Chipotle or taking a mental break during a conference call. Then almost half of those users book their travel through a completely different channel from the one that first inspired them.

Those moments may not count for much individually, but when you add them together we’re talking about a major shift in how consumers (in our case, travelers) engage with us and the destinations we promote. So it’s important that we reach out to them across all different media – and that all of our teams are working together to reach them.

So, how do you make sure you’re everywhere at once? For starters, when planning your content calendar for the year, include a plan for distributing content across social media. Maybe take it one step further: Spring for a Facebook Carousel ad and showcase yourself in images, or create a branded Geofilter for Snapchat. 

Which brings up another point: Don’t forget about your users when they’re in market. Hotels like The Embassy Row Hotel in Washington, D.C., are putting together Instagram walking tours curated by local Igers (no word on why it’s delivered in print rather than digitally), and Airbnb partnered with Google to have hosts record vocal tidbits on local spots for HostedWalks in New York.

Here at Miles, we’re piloting a new program focused on content marketing, combining SEM and SEO programs so they work in unison to drive organic traffic to specific articles and trip ideas. We’re optimizing those content pages to make them ideal for users as well as Google, and we’re promoting them on social media, via enewsletter and in pay-per-click campaigns. 

The short-term gains we’ve seen so far make us confident this will be a successful long-term program for many of our clients.

What are you going to do to make sure you aren’t missing out?