Marketing America to International Travelers

Published 5/13/14
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As we’ve written about here before, it’s Brand USA’s mission to “encourage increased international visitation to the United States and to grow America’s share of the global travel market.” As an official marketing partner for Brand USA, we work closely with Brand USA on creating compelling content to target international travelers through print, digital and video content.

But what defines compelling content for different international audiences? What motivates a potential German visitor to visit the US versus a potential visitor from Brazil? We’re here to share a snapshot of that information with you for a few of Brand USA’s top target markets, as well as some Miles-produced examples.

United Kingdom

When potential UK travelers were asked “What motivates your desire to visit that destination?” in regards to travel to the US, the majority of respondents answered that America’s cultural/historical attractions (50%) and local lifestyle (49%) were the most appealing factors. Here’s a video we produced for Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau that encompasses both classic American cultural experiences and a healthy dose of local color. Join our host Jody as we travel down Route 66.

Printed publications are still among the “Top 5 Channels for Destination Selection” for Brazilian visitors.


Brazilian visitors tend to gravitate more towards urban vacation destinations (48% of respondents note this as a primary motivating factor), with a particular interest in shopping and dining options, all of which make Mall of America a perfect destination for these travelers. Join our Brazilian host Luiza as she explores the shopping mecca that is Bloomington’s Mall of America. Also noteworthy, printed publications are still among the “Top 5 Channels for Destination Selection” for Brazilian visitors (37% of respondents selecting printed publications as a Top 5 channel). With that in mind, the print component of our Discover America multi-channel programs feature articles on top US shopping destinations and trip ideas in America’s “music cities.” View the Brazil 2013 Discover America Multi-Channel program.


America’s cultural attractions and the Great Outdoors (particularly ecotourism and nature) are primary motivators for German visitors. To appeal to these outdoorsy travelers, our content creation focuses heavily on active experiences like the paddle boarding adventure in this Oregon video or destinations like the state and national parks featured in our print pieces such as the German 2013 Discover America Multi-Channel program.

For more international travel research from Brand USA, view the 2014 Brand USA business plan.