Marketing Mother Nature

Account Director/Senior Content Director
Published 9/18/14
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Finding creative ways to showcase the beauty of Georgia parks to potential visitors

As the official agency of record for Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites, Miles has developed and is executing a long-term strategic plan to strengthen the Georgia park system’s marketing efforts to drive increased visitation and revenue through the coming years.

Basically that means we get to find creative ways to showcase the beauty of Georgia parks to potential visitors—and with more than 60 unique state parks, outdoor recreation areas and historic sites boasting ancient Indian mounds, a “Little Grand Canyon,” spectacular mountain vistas, waterfalls, caves, swimming holes, swamps and more, Mother Nature makes it easy.

In the first year of our partnership alone, we have:

  • Developed New Branding Miles collected extensive travel research and information on vacation trends, which we applied to Georgia’s internal marketing goals to develop a new branding initiative to guide all marketing and public relations efforts. This included everything from branding elements like colors and icons to new messaging and photography. Several elements are highlighted below.
  • Designed New Advertising and eNewsletters To help effectively convey our brand and messaging, Miles designed new print ads, digital ads and enewsletter templates so advertising efforts across all platforms would start communicating the same look and feel. These designs will now being carried through other marketing materials for consistency, including brochures, the website, mobile site and app.
  • Coordinated Ongoing Media Placement After developing new marketing goals and identifying top geographic and niche markets, Miles developed an integrated digital and traditional media plan to reach these targets as efficiently as possible. We coordinate all media buying and placement tasks, plus constantly monitor, optimize and report on media performance.
  • Audited Website, Mobile Site, App and Social Media Although building a new website, mobile site or app was not immediately in the client’s budget, Miles still conducted audits of all three products to flag significant problems and recommend short-term solutions to optimize performance. Along those same lines, we completed a month-long audit of the client’s social media efforts to recommend improvements and missed opportunities on those channels.

  • Conducted an Extensive Photo Shoot
    After conducting an extensive audit of Georgia’s existing photo library, Miles created a list of new images needed to effectively communicate our new brand messaging. We then hired Georgia travel photographer Ralph Daniel and directed a statewide photo shoot at 10 different state parks that delivered thousands of new images now being used in our marketing and public relations efforts. (Read more about our photo shoot here.)

Kolomoki Mounds State Park; photo by Ralph Daniel


Seminole State Park; photo by Ralph Daniel

 Chattahoochee Bend State Park; photo by Ralph Daniel