Moving Picture Magic (2 of 3)

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Published 8/7/18
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Top Performing Online DMO Videos, Videos #6-10

This blog is part of the three blog series, "Moving Picture Magic - Top 10 Performing Online Videos from Destination Marketing Organizations Around the Globe".
Blog 1: Introduction to Video Analysis & First 5 of the Top 10 Online Videos from DMOs

Blog 3: 8 Key Themes of Top Performing Videos from DMOs

Working with the University of Waikato, Miles Partnership analyzed the online videos of over 150 DMOs from around the world.   From this process, and excluding online videos that appeared to be just 15, 30 or 60-second advertisements, we identified, 10 top performing online videos from DMOs. 

In the first blog of this series, we provided additional detail on this analysis and identified the first 5 of the Top 10 Online Videos from DMOs. Here are the remaining 5 videos from the Top 10 Performing Online Videos we identified from this analysis with our commentary on their strengths and in some cases, weaknesses.

#6: 360: Port Lincoln, South Australia

DMO: Tourism Australia


Published January 25, 2016

Tourism Australia has long been an innovator amongst DMOs in 360-degree videos and appealed to its online audience. 12 of the top 24 videos on the Tourism Australia YouTube Channel are 360-degree videos of various scenic points around Australia. This example is similar in style to all the others – a wide shot landscape and wildlife video (with the odd person to make it seem accessible) which can be navigated via a web browser. They all offer simple background music and range from 1:30 to 2:20.


#7 London’s Autumn Season 2015

DMO: Visit London


Published August 03, 2015

Visit London is a global leader in the broader “halo” marketing of destinations; not only as a great place to visit, but a great place for meetings, investment, business, study and more. This video (from Visit London and Great Britain Campaign) dates back to 2015 but illustrates their ongoing use of video in seasonal campaigns; promoting major events and shows as reasons to visit now.  These videos also reference London’s iconic attractions and its place as a center of global design and art.  With ironic, understated humor, the spokesperson (famous from a popular TV series with global appeal) doesn’t outshine the content. The video is nicely integrated with website content, social media (#LondonIsOpen) and it includes links to deals and a competition as a call to action. 


#8: A Dog’s View of St Augustine



Published May 21, 2015

A short, fun video that provides a brief, engaging look at Florida’s oldest city, St Augustine, with a fresh perspective. The video, shot from the dog’s point of view (and sure to appeal to dog lovers) shares highlights and views of the destination. Complemented by skillful use of signage to explain the journey, the music and natural sound are the sole audio. The video is creatively tied into VISIT FLORIDA’s social media program: #DogsLoveFL


# 9: Roadtrip through Norway

DMO: Visit Norway


Published December 02, 2016

A visually appealing road trip video from Visit Norway, this is an extended version created from its global TV campaign. While it’s formulaic music, engaging talent and stunning vistas are all effective, the video fails to connect emotionally with the viewer or integrate information on the locations that users can act upon. Extensive use of slow motion (and a “highly produced feel”) also feels disconnected from the concept of an authentic road trip video. “Real” people should arguably be shown in real time. It hints at the potential of road trip videos.


#10: Travel to Dubai:

DMO: Visit Dubai


Published June 01, 2016

Visit Dubai is the global leader amongst DMOs in terms of its YouTube audience – 387 million video views and 126k subscribers – all boosted by sizeable online advertising spends. This video is billed as a whole day’s worth of Dubai’s most loved spots.  It delivers on that promise with a 360-degree video shot in Ultra High Definition for use with appropriate 4K screens – including in cinemas. It’s simple in its production with no narration and very few people.  It is informative rather than emotive, but if delivered with supporting campaign creative and content, this style of online video can be an important part of destination storytelling.  


*Number of views are as of July 31, 2018.