National Plan for Vacation Day

Marketing Manager
Published 2/1/18
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“Work hard, travel often” is a popular mindset around the Miles offices. For as much time and energy we dedicate to our work, we like to take time to plan and enjoy vacations. Whether it’s a staycation in the comfort of a hometown or an adventure across the globe, we highly value the vacation time we have to explore and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. As travel enthusiasts, we were thrilled to get involved in Project: Time Off’s National Plan for Vacation Day.

U.S. Travel’s initiative, Project: Time Off, was developed as a national movement to change the way people think about and plan for vacation. According to Project: Time Off’s research, over half of the American workforce did not use all of their allocated vacation days in the past year, leaving a total of over 660 million vacation days unused. Some workers claim they don’t want to return to a pile of backlogged work while others think taking time off shows a lack of dedication. In reality, vacation is essential for workers. Beyond the many added benefits to one’s personal well-being, time off has been shown to boost productivity and performance and create a more positive attitude towards work. While vacation day usage has slowly declined for nearly the past two decades, Project: Time Off is hopeful to turn that around. An effective way to do so is by encouraging the workforce to put effort into planning a vacation, which is the idea behind National Plan for Vacation Day.


We love celebrating National Plan for Vacation Day, so when it came around again on January 30, the Miles team wasn’t going to miss out on any of the fun. Team members in both offices took time to share their travel experiences from 2017 and plan out their vacation days for 2018 on our giant wall calendars. From trips to Iceland and Vietnam to Italy and Portugal, our team is definitely looking forward to the unique travel experiences we have planned for the upcoming year. While National Plan for Vacation Day has passed, it’s never too late to start planning your next vacation. We highly encourage you to take the time and to plan out the days you have off; you never know where your next adventure might lead. And if you need any vacation ideas or inspiration, just ask us… we’ve got plenty to share!