New Brand USA Videos for the New Year

Brand Strategist
Published 1/28/14
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We recently finished two new videos in partnership with Brand USA to kick off the New Year: The first video explores the breathtaking natural beauty and quaint small towns of Vermont; the second takes viewers on exciting, unexpected outdoor adventures in Duluth, Minnesota. Both were created for German audiences.

The video we created with the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing features on-screen talent Julia Wolfermann and was shot by Amon Focus and edited by Joe Yorke. This video marks one of Joe’s first projects for Brand USA and Julia’s first completed project, and we hope there are many more to come.



German talent Heiko Obermoeller traveled to Minnesota for our video with Visit Duluth, which was shot and edited by Jeanny Tsai. Although Heiko has been busy with video shoots since the inception of our partnership with Brand USA, it was Jeanny’s first project with us and we’re excited to have her on the team.


These videos and more can be seen on