New White Paper: Content That Travels

Head of Research and Insights
Published 11/16/15
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Best Practices in Content Marketing

Content Marketing has emerged as one of the buzz words in marketing in 2014 and 2015. Of course, it is nothing new: Creating, curating, distributing and measuring great content (editorial, images, video, etc) has been part of a smart marketer’s toolkits for many years. What has changed is the impact and intersection of mobile, new media and social media over recent years. Stories can now be told, distributed and integrated in formats and to places that were previously not possible. 

Miles has been investing in, and evangelizing, the importance of content for decades – long before “Content Marketing” become a hot new term. To highlight the critical parts of effective Content Marketing, we have published a white paper, “Content That Travels” that outlines eight critical best practices:  

  1. Have a Content Plan: Make sure you have specific objectives and clear target audiences

  2. Create Content: Tell the story of your destination/business in words, pictures, video

  3. Curate Content: How others tell your story is often far more impactful

  4. Optimize Content: Make sure your content can be easily found in search engines

  5. Share Content: Use social media and PR to share your content 

  6. Promote Content: There are ever more precise and targeted ways to promote content

  7. Monetize Content: Consider if there are opportunities to share costs/grow your budget

  8. Measure & Refine Content: Use analytics to continually review and update your plan

With examples, case studies and additional resources, our Content That Travels white paper provides a great introduction to the opportunity and challenges of effective Content Marketing. Plus, you can reach out to Miles for more specific custom analysis, advice and recommendations on how to tell the story of your destination, property or tourism experience.

Click here to download the Content That Travels white paper

This new white paper offers a practical introduction to distributing your online content across owned, earned and paid channels.