Offline Marketing Driving Mobile Search

Published 5/22/12
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Last week, Google released new findings from their 2012 Our Mobile Planet research study, which examines smartphone user behavior. With 80% of smartphone owners never leaving home without their phones, and 33% saying they would rather give up TV than their phone, it’s obvious that an effective mobile strategy is necessary to compete in today’s market place. However, the opportunity to influence these folks goes beyond just mobile and the numbers emphasize the need for an integrated marketing plan.

According to Dai Pham’s Google Mobile Ads Blog post last week, 66% of smartphone users performed a search on their mobile device as a result of seeing an offline ad. Television is the biggest influencer at 57%, followed by in-store advertising, magazine print ads, and outdoor billboards.

Source: Google

This should not come as a surprise. According to the numbers, 86% of smartphone users are using their phone while consuming another form of media. In fact, 52% of smartphone users are using the Internet on their phone while watching TV.
Travel and hospitality planning are naturally taking center stage in all of this. When asked "Which of the following activities do you do with your smartphone?" 50% of respondents identified seeking dining information and 31% travel planning. These only trailed general product research at 59%.

Source: Google

Another significant take away from this research is the impact of smartphones on the shopping process. The devices are both a research tool and an emerging point of purchase.

Source: Google

You can download the full study here, which includes additional details on smartphone penetration, mobile search, mobile advertising, and consumer habits.