Print is Dead? Long Live Print!

Account Director/Senior Content Director
Published 4/25/12
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In a world gone digitally mad, I’m still an old-fashioned “print” guy at heart. And proud of it. Sure, I have all of the latest whiz-bang gizmos for work and play. I’m packing a Nook, an iPod with more songs than iTunes, the latest iPhone 4S, a smokin’ new iPad, you name it. Love and use them all. But when it comes to travel, nothing sells a destination or experience better than a well-executed print guide full of immersive stories, planning tips and breathtaking photos. Research proves it, too.

1. I’m sure you’ve seen those great “Power of Print” ads reminding us that even as the internet continues to explode, print publishing and magazine readership are still growing strong.
2. The latest “State of the American Traveler” research shows the percentage of leisure travelers using print resources to plan a trip has jumped to 46%, nearly double the number of those using social media.
3. And in a recent PhoCusWright study on content marketing, print guides and other publications ranked as the third and fourth most-used resources to plan traveling, trailing only the internet and advice from friends and family.
So to those quick to predict the death of print, I say … Dream On.
(Cue awesome Aerosmith tune.)
Flipping through the pages of a glossy magazine is still the most intimate, tangible way to let your mind wander to a different place and time. It’s informational. It’s inspirational. And it works.
Print is dead? Long live print!