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Director of Information Technology
Published 9/12/12
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On the second Tuesday of each month, we bring you new and interesting technology-related tidbits. While many will be related to tools that can be used in destination marketing, some are just for your inner geek. This month's post features a fresh take on an old vacation tradition, a new entrant into the online travel magazine space, and a few ways to unplug on vacation (weird, I know).


Digital Detox

Raise your hand if you spend way too much time in front of a screen? Yeah, me, too. As a result, more and more travelers are seeking technology-free vacations. And, hotels, resorts and tour operators are pushing this concept with “screen detox” packages. The Renaissance Pittsburgh requires you surrender your digital devices when you book their “Zen and the Art of Detox” package. Via Yoga’s business model is centered around focusing on the adventure (yoga, surfing, sand) and not your iPad. The tourism authority for the island nation St. Vincent and the Grenadines is pushing this as well, offering week-long detox packages complete with life coach. As a self-described gadget-aholic, this gives me equal parts anxiety and wonder. Could I actually pull the plug?  

Just Arrived

Travelers looking for fresh content on more than 100 countries should check out Departful, a new, independent online travel magazine. Based out of Canada, the mag’s contributors appear to be young and hip(ster), looking for unique experiences worldwide. Content is still a bit light, but I highly recommend checking out the awesome time-lapse video, Terra Sacra.  

Get Your Kicks...

Growing up, my family vacations always consisted of a trip on the open road. With today’s technology, those family roadtrips could certainly go a bit smoother (Dad wouldn’t have had to pull over for directions… ahem). In recent months a new web app has come on the scene to bring the fun of roadtripping to the geeky masses. Roadtrippers has a fantastically fun and easy-to-use interface for creating and sharing trips, focusing on smaller, out-of-the-way independent points along the way. Still in its infancy, expect them to branch out into mobile apps and more expert-guided lists and recommendations. There’s a special place in my heart for the “Truth is out there” roadtrip – phone home, E.T. Phone home.  

Bonus Feature!

You don't have to be planning a wedding or looking for a fantastic apple pie recipe to enjoy Pinterest. Travel enthusiasts can use the social media phenomenon to explore destinations and win contests. Several travel organizations have recently used the platform to promote their offerings through contests aimed at women only, planning a dream vacation, and winning a luxury trip to Los Angeles. If you're a contest fiend - travel or otherwise - be sure to check out this board curating various contests throughout the site.