Snapshots from Guam

Director of Communications
Published 7/11/13
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While the rest of us type away on our computers and answer phone calls, the Miles/Brand USA team is ATVing, “boonie stomping” and eating their way through one of the United States' most beautiful territories: Guam. After a 12-plus hour flight with multiple stops and a lost day courtesy of crossing the International Date Line, the team arrived on Micronesia’s largest island to film 18 in-language videos in Mandarin Chinese, Hong Kong Cantonese, Taiwanese, Korean, Russian and American English.

The folks at the Guam Visitors Bureau have been great hosts, and by all accounts the team is having a wonderful time sightseeing, soaking up the local culture and befriending locals – oh, and getting some work done. Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos from the team’s first few days exploring this 209-square-mile Pacific island:

 Exploring via ATV


Sampling local cuisine


The Miles/Brand USA team loves Guam!

love guam

Setting up video shoots

beach2 shop setup

Though these videos are still a work in progress, you can watch completed in-language videos for other destinations on the Discover America YouTube channel. For more information on the Miles/Brand USA In-Language Content Program, click here.