The State of the American Traveler's New Dynamic Dashboard

Published 3/4/21
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Users can now drill in greater data and detail from the research and customize the results to their needs

The State of the American Traveler is one of the nation’s leading leisure travel research reports. The State of the American Traveler examines the travel intentions, interests and behavior of American travelers probing on 4 specific themes in each quarterly edition. Published by Destination Analysts for more than 13 years – Miles Partnership has been a close partner and sole sponsor of this research for almost a dozen years.  The sponsorship has allowed us jointly to share invaluable insights and actionable information from the research at no cost to DMOs and tourism industry partners across the US. This has never been important as now in the crisis and impending recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first quarter of 2021 was the "Destinations Edition," taking an in-depth look at how U.S travelers decide where to go, and the content, media and other information shaping that decision.  See how the COVID pandemic has impacted this destination decision process by accessing the webinar recording and slide set presentation of the research from our January 27th webinar held in conjunction with Destination Analysts and a DMO panel with Jillian Simpson of Alaska Travel industry Association and Lynn Bruni-Perkins of San Francisco Travel.  

In March 2021, the State of the American Traveler research expanded the depth and range of its free research with the launch of a dynamic, interactive dashboard, allowing DMOs and industry partners to drill into the research results in more detail and customize the interface to the areas they are most interested. Users can now access free, customizable insights from the Destination Edition for more than 60 destinations across the U.S. from Sarasota to San Diego, Seattle to Savannah.

Data from future editions of The State of the American Traveler research will be added to this dynamic dashboard allowing a greater range, detail and customization of the research results to complement the free public slide set and report summary plus the live and OnDemand webinar content. Check out the Interactive Dashboard here, and don’t hesitate to contact Destination Analysts or Miles Partnership for clarification on using its features and/or in interpreting the results.