The 7 Steps to Highly Effective Content Strategies

Account Director/Senior Content Director
Published 4/22/13
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These days, there are countless ways travel marketers try to get their message across to potential visitors. Ads, brochures and vacation guides. Websites, mobile sites, enewsletters and apps. Texts, tweets, pins and posts. And that’s just scratching the surface. Methods of communication are now so plentiful and diverse, that it’s not just “what” you say that matters. It’s also when, where and how you convey that message. That’s why, my friend, you need to get yourself a content strategy.

All smart marketers know they need one, but many have no idea where to start. It’s a massive undertaking, for sure, but here’s a little seven-step “cheat sheet” to get you started. 1.REVIEW THE RESEARCH. Get your hands on as much of it as you can (both internal research on your visitors and larger travel trends in general) to gain a better understand of who’s currently interested in your destination – and how you can expand your appeal to other audiences.

2.ANALYZE YOUR ANALYTICS. Look at how your current website is performing to find strengths and missteps. Let the numbers do the talking – and listen to what they have to say!

3.SPY ON YOUR COMPETITION. Now spend some time studying your competition’s marketing products. See what great things are they doing that you may want to “borrow.” (Wink, wink.)

4.CONDUCT A CONTENT AUDIT. Do a thorough review of EVERY piece of content you’re currently pushing out to see what topics you’re covering well and where gaps exist. Score it on a quality scale (keep it, elevate it, update it, trash it) so you’ll have a roadmap for improving it when you’re ready to enact a new strategy.

5.ABLISH GOALS & OBJECTIVEESTS. Start cross-referencing all of the findings from steps 1-4 to see what common needs emerge. Adding or improving content to address these needs should be your primary focus during the first wave of content work. Establish measurable goals (like adding one new video per month) that you can track to gauge progress over the long haul.

6.FIND YOUR VOICE. Now that you know what you want to say, decide how you want to say it. Visitors want to have a connection with a destination – understand its personality, feel its vibe. Decide what personality you want to convey and make sure every piece of content sets that tone.

7.MAKE YOUR TO-DO LIST. Finally, take a closer look at the needs you’ve identified and the goals you’ve set to determine exactly what you need, content-wise, to achieve them – the types of content needed and the topics they should cover.

Now get to steppin’.