Three Ways Your Pinterest Board Can Attract Visitors To Your Destination

Published 6/20/14
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Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest offer marketing avenues that can be some of the easiest ways to connect with travelers as they are looking for inspiration for their next adventure. If you have chosen Pinterest as a one of your brand’s social media outlets, you will want to ensure what you are pinning is engaging and bringing pinners back to your site. Quality traffic from Pinterest will show where interest lies in the topics, places and themes you are pushing to the Pinterest world.

Pinterest is a great way to capture audiences at an early stage in their travel planning. 

Because of the appealing visuals and easy-to-use platform, Pinterest is a great way to capture audiences at an early stage in their travel planning. The boards, pins and maps offer an interactive way to “hook” your traveler and get them excited about your destination. Use this guide to help improve your current Pinterest boards making them dynamic for your visitors. (If you’ve never used Pinterest before, check out this beginners guide to get started, then optimize with the tips below.)

1.Pin Gorgeous Imagery

Don’t pin the mediocre. Seriously—pin only the best shots to sell your destination. The stronger the imagery, the better it conveys the feel of the destination, venue, restaurant, hotel or off-the-beaten-path, must-experience location. Better imagery will also naturally do better—no one wants to re-pin an ugly photo! Confused about what makes for an amazing image? Check this out.

2.Link to Relevant Content

You’ve had this happen before: You find an awesome pin of what appears to be an elusive waterfall on the Kona coast that you’ve been dying to learn more about. However, when you click through from the pin, you land on a bad website or a completely irrelevant ad. Don’t do this to your potential traveler! Make sure that every time you pin your original content you edit the URL to send users back to a story or content piece on your website that provides them with info relevant to the pin! Give directions to that waterfall, or the best guides to get you there. Make sure it’s relevant. This quality traffic will lead to people spending more time on your website and visiting other pages within the site. It’s like Field of Dreams: if you give them real content, they will keep coming back for more.

3.Use Place Boards

Pinterest’s place boards are a fantastic way to promote all kinds of traveler-inspired content. Are you promoting a summer of festivals? Great! Pin the best shots from those events, edit each one to give it an exact location on the map, and show travelers just how easy it is to hit up all 10 festivals in a weekend. (Ambitious, right?) Ready to promote the best family-friendly itinerary in the city? Fantastic! Pin away and show how easy it is to get the kiddos from one museum to the next. You get the point—place maps are a great way to easily show inspired, soon-to-be travelers the lay of the land, while discovering if their wanderlust plans will be doable or may be too big for the amount of hours in the day.

In the end, make sure your pins look good, link to relevant content and use place boards when appropriate to bring another element of planning to the mix. Think of what your travelers are looking for and pin to their needs. Good luck and happy pinning!