TLDR—Say It in Five Sentences or Less

Published 6/5/14
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Admit it: You've opened an email, saw that the text went below the fold, and decided not to read it. Not only is the message lost, but at least two people have wasted time crafting a long message and trying to interpret it. As a project manager, I’m all about finding ways to do things better and faster, and a common trend I’m seeing lately is the Five-sentence rule.

It works great for internal emails, but can we make this work for marketing to travelers, too? Could we increase readers’ engagement with our content by sending e-newsletters that are longer than a tweet, but shorter than a novel? (And look, this is my sixth sentence now—sorry for breaking the rule already.) Travel & Leisure says it in less than five sentences in a recent Daily Transporter e-newsletter (below). Will DMOs follow suit?