To Bing or Not to Bing?

Published 7/31/14
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Whether you’re the new kid on the block or an expert, you know that paid search can get complex, and fast. There are many tools, search engines, programs and more to help increase reach and manage your account(s). When looking to expand beyond Google in reach, one should not overlook Bing Ads. Here I’ve listed some pros to advertising with Bing Ads. But before getting into the benefits, let’s dive into what Bing Ads is. Bing Ads provides pay-per-click advertising on both Bing and Yahoo search engines from one platform. Bing & Yahoo combined only make up 28.7 percent of the search market share and, while this may seem like a curse in terms of reach, it is also a blessing. Here are some reasons why:

Lower Market Share: Although a lower market share means lower reach, it also means lower competition, which yields a lower cost-per-click. One Platform: You can advertise on both Bing and Yahoo from one place. Easy Import: Already running an AdWords campaign? Bing Ads makes it simple and smooth to import the AdWords campaigns and campaign settings into Bing Ads. Split Networks: Networks include Search, Search Partners and Display. Although these networks perform very differently, Google doesn’t allow the ability to opt into or out of the search network exclusively. However, Bing Ads does allow network segmenting and the ability to exclude specific partner sites. Mobile Bidding: Bing Ads allows device segmenting. Level Settings: Bing Ads allows for more control at the ad group level. One example of this control is the ad rotation option. In Google it’s only available at the campaign level. Another example is the ability to segment ad groups by network. User Interface: Google AdWords and Bing Ads have similar online interfaces which makes teetering between the two platforms easier to manage. Demographic Targeting: Bing Ads allows targeting by age and gender demographics. Should you advertise with Bing Ads? There’s only one way to know: Run a test … with Miles!