DIY Travel Planning Strategies

Published 3/19/13
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One of the things that everyone who works at Miles has in common is a love of travel. Short trips, long trips, last-minute getaways, carefully planned vacations – we’re all on board for exploring new destinations or rediscovering old favorites. Most of my trips are of the last-minute variety, so planning is pretty easy.

However, I recently booked a two-week trip to Europe that required a LOT more planning than simply reserving an airplane ticket and a hotel room. In fact, if all my planning went according to… well, plan… then I should be in Barcelona by the time this post goes live, having already landed in London, taken the Chunnel to Paris and flown to Spain. Right now I’m either ogling Gaudi’s magnificent architecture or safely ensconced in a chic-yet-affordable Barcelona hotel.

Part of my job at Miles is working on proposals for ways our company can help potential and existing clients with their travel planning products: print guides, websites, mobile sites, apps, social media channels and so forth. In these proposals we talk a lot about the travel planning process and the different ways that potential visitors access information about destinations.

I've basically become my own real-world example of the "vision" we paint for our clients' travel planning strategies

It all came full circle for me when I began planning my own big trip: I picked up print travel guides for inspiration (and phrase books so I can attempt to speak the languages); consulted friends through social media; visited DMO websites for the individual cities and countries; signed up for e-newsletters to stay on top of the latest local happenings; checked hotel reviews on; booked rooms and plane tickets online; and re-consulted my social media outlets to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

I've basically become my own real-world example of the "vision" we paint for our clients' travel planning strategies: each of aforementioned products plays an integral role, and my trip wouldn’t be as successful – at least my fingers are crossed it’s thus far a success – if even one element was missing. In fact, chances are pretty good that I’m looking up a restaurant or museum on a mobile site or app from my smartphone in Barcelona right now.