Travelocity to be Powered by Expedia. DMOs to be Powered by TripAdvisor?

Brand Strategist
Published 8/23/13
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This may be some of the largest travel news to come out this year. We all had a feeling that Travelocity wasn’t doing the best, but probably didn't expect this type of merger. Looking at what’s actually transpired in this agreement, it’s interesting to see how strong the Travelocity brand is, and that this merger is more about resources for Travelocity.

Translating this into the DMO world, it would be comparable to VISIT FLORIDA (or other DMO) continuing to market their destination, but have TripAdvisor be the source for information and activation for the destination. This would allow the DMO to concentrate on how to market their destination to visitors rather than invest in website functionality and membership agreements. It would also allow for a DMO to expand their marketing reach by investing less in infrastructure.

Will this happen tomorrow? My thoughts: No. Could this happen in the future? Maybe; with the importance of user reviews continuing to grow DMOs have surely fallen behind the curve on providing users the information they are looking for when booking travel. How can they fill this gap in the planning experience other than partnering?