What Makes You Special?

Interactive Content Director
Published 5/28/15
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It’s a wide, wonderful world, with so many places to visit. Travelers have a tough job when deciding where to go, and it’s our job to get their attention.

As destination marketers, we aren’t just selling destinations – we’re selling experiences, and what’s memorable for one person might be completely forgettable for another. One traveler might want to lie on a white sandy beach all day, and another might want to rappel off mountains.

Every place has something that sets it apart, but many organizations fail in differentiating themselves. For example, all of Florida has beautiful beaches, but only the Cocoa Beach area has Kennedy Space Center as an attraction and can market itself as “Orlando’s closest beaches.”

So what makes you special? Once you’ve figured that out, apply it to every part of your business – your brand message, your print and digital content, even your social media posts – and start getting visitors’ attention.