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Travel Media Sales & Marketing Executive

Using Pinterest for Travel Planning

I recently attended the Illinois Governor's Conference on Travel and Tourism, and one of the break-out sessions was titled, “The Power of Pinterest and Visually Stunning Content.” As an occasional user of Pinterest, I have a few boards that I've made for redecorating rooms in my home, workouts or recipes that I've come across, and inspiring DIY projects, but I'd never really used it to look for travel inspiration.

The more that I thought about it, though, Pinterest makes the perfect place to research travel ideas because the content is completely visual. In fact, with over 200 million monthly users, 68% of the Pinterest audience is actively building boards for activities in places where they plan to travel, and 93% of users are planning future travel purchases. Equally interesting is the fact that Pinterest has now been ranked as one of the top three travel...

Travel Media Sales and Marketing Executive

The Magic of Solo Travel

Stories and tips for traveling on your own

Something magical happens when you travel alone. When there is no one else influencing your decisions, no day-to-day life to discuss and no time table to be shared, the destination is your only focus. You and your senses are 100% available to every moment in the world around you. You will be fully immersed in the place in a completely different way than when shared. You will be on an amazing choose-your-own-adventure!

Read on for some tips to make the most of your experiences as a solo traveler.

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2019 Marketing College Scholarship Recipients

Miles Partnership Scholarship Program for STS Marketing College Awards 12 Scholarships to the 2019 Session

Miles recently held its annual scholarship program to award one industry professional in each of the STS member states with a scholarship to Marketing College. Recipients receive a scholarship covering tuition, dorm room accommodations and most meals for the upcoming session taking place at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, GA from May 12-17.

The 2019 Marketing College scholarship recipients are:

Emily Gonzalez, Alabama

Kristen Mannear, Arkansas

Nicole Holbrook, Florida

Ashley Swain, Georgia

Rachelle Wright, Kentucky

Kristian Sonnier, Louisiana

Claiborne Cooksey, Mississippi

Angela Allen, North Carolina

Ava Comer, South Carolina

Megan Weisinger, Tennessee

Callie Hietala, Virginia

Kelli Dailey, West Virginia


Congratulations to these recipients...

Office Coordinator

Colorado Hikes: Where I’ve Been & Where I Want to Go

If you were to ask 100 people that have moved to the state of Colorado in the past five years why they chose to make this state their new home, I would be willing to bet that “outdoor recreation opportunities” would be one of the top three reasons provided. The other two answers might revolve around the amazing variety of breweries located within the state or the easy (and legal) access to that controversial green plant, but my answer is always the amazing outdoor adventures that are now right outside my back door…literally! I live at the foot of the foothills and absolutely love it—and the hiking escapades I’ve had so far are what I want to share with you. I’ve also included some links to trails that are on my list but I haven’t had the opportunity to hike just yet.  

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Family Vacations: Where to Stay, What to Do

There is a lot that goes into planning a trip with kiddos, and it often means sacrificing a brewery tour to stand in line for two hours to take a picture with Chewbacca or Princess Elsa.  But hey, that’s what we signed up for as parents. 

Family vacations are supposed to be fun, memorable and hopefully relaxing. But if you've traveled with kids, you know there are rare times of true relaxation besides when you are asleep!  So the question remains, how do you plan ahead to create an enjoyable, unforgettable experience for your family?  If you are successful, then just maybe you can revel in a little relaxation as well!


  • Depending on where you are traveling, look for hotels with amenities such as pools and kids’ activities.  Pools provide a much needed outlet for kids...