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Director of Content Strategy, Odyssey Studios

Multichannel Storytelling Strategy

"Picture it, Sicily 1912…" so begins the opening to almost every unforgettable story told by the incomparable Sophia Petrillo, TV's original Golden Girl. Though a fictional character from a 1980s sitcom, when Sophia tells you to "picture it," you know you're in for a story you're not likely to forget. The same holds true for brands: inviting an audience to "picture it," allows destinations to draw their audiences into stories about everything that is memorable, sensational and intriguing about their destination—whether it be a thrilling new rollercoaster, a hot new restaurant or the best place to go snorkeling. The stories behind the places in a destination are the building blocks to an impactful content strategy.

Before diving deeper, let’s go back to basics: what is storytelling and what exactly could a storytelling content strategy look like? In its...

Head of Research and Insights

Securing the Future of Bangladesh’s World Heritage Wonder

The Sundarbans region of Bangladesh is home to the world’s largest remaining Mangrove Forest, two World Heritage sites and the critically endangered, regal Bengal Tiger.

Bangladesh is a country smaller than the state of Georgia in the U.S. but has a population of 163 million. In one of the world’s most densely populated nations, the Sundarbans is the largest and most important remaining natural area, a wilderness hosting boundless flora & fauna. The Bengal Tiger is the most iconic– but the region is also home to hundreds of bird species (including the largest variety of Kingfishers in the world) and the unique Ganges and Irawadi dolphins. It is also the...

Content Manager

Fundamentals of Creating Inclusive Content

Let’s talk about creating inclusive content. The goal of inclusive content is to ensure your messaging strikes a chord with everyone who comes across it. It’s about respecting and appreciating people’s diversity — whether that’s age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, religion or sexual orientation.

And you might look at my name and author photo and think, “Oh, here we go. Another nondiverse person writing about inclusivity.” But looks can be deceiving, and I’m Hispanic. So, with that out of the way, we’ll dive into the important stuff.

Why Do You Need to Worry About Inclusive Content?

There are two main reasons for you to ensure your content is inclusive. First, we’re all businesspeople in this digital room: Inclusivity broadens your audience, which means you increase opportunities to market your brand, which, in turn, increases your...

Head of Research and Insights

Gas Prices, War & Risks for the Recovery of Travel

Early 2022 initially saw a brighter outlook for the recovery of travel and tourism as the Omicron variant rapidly advanced the pandemic, hopefully to a post-pandemic state. However, events of late February and March have considerably clouded the full recovery of travel.  Based on research from our partners at Longwoods International and Destination Analysts, and insights from partners...

Creative Producer

Redefining Production Value: How to Make the Most of Your Video Budget

It’s a catch-22. DMOs and travel organizations across the globe have had their marketing budgets slashed in the face of the pandemic that brought the entire industry to a standstill. But as the world begins to rebound and travel returns, DMOs will need to market themselves more than ever to reconnect with travelers. The travel industry will have to spend more in advertising with a smaller budget. So when it comes to video, how do you get the most bang for your buck? How do you get the best production value?

What Exactly is Production Value?

Production value has traditionally meant how expensive your content looks. The more money spent on a commercial meant a better camera, better locations, better actors, you get the idea. More money = better quality. The difference between a $5,000 commercial and a $500,000 commercial was night and day, and while...