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Empowering Communities Through Destination Stewardship

A transformative shift in tourism is afoot. It’s no longer enough for DMOs to focus their efforts solely on the visitor's needs, wants and behaviors. A new stakeholder group has emerged - and they are here to stay. Say hello (if you haven't already) to your residents.

A great place to live is a great place to visit - which is why communities are fast becoming the greatest stakeholders for DMOs to consider in their destination promotion, management and stewardship efforts. Embracing a community-centric approach not only fosters positive cultural interactions between residents and tourists but also encourages a sense of local pride. 

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Food Tourism Fundamentals: Seven Global Best Practices to Celebrate & Develop Your Destination's Cuisine

Food is a fundamental and foundational part of tourism. While visitors’ engagement in a destination’s arts and culture, outdoor activities or specific attractions may vary, every visitor wants to...

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How the Travel Industry Can Fast Charge the Electric Vehicle Movement

  • See the latest Electric Vehicle (EV) Travel Research from Longwoods International and Miles Partnership here
  • See our webinar on U.S. Road Trips and EV Travel with Longwoods International, the Colorado Tourism Office, and the Arizona Office of Tourism, held on August 9, 2023, here.

The age of the electric vehicle (EV) is upon us. In today’s world, it’s hard...

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The Electric Road Trip: 5 Tips for Planning an Eco-Friendly Adventure

If you’re one of the many Americans planning a road trip this year, chances are you might come across the opportunity to make it electric. Whether you own an electric vehicle (EV) yourself or are considering renting one, how you plan for your adventure will differ from the traditional road trip. You might need to take a few extra steps when planning, but traveling by EV comes with its own unique perks!

Check out our top tips for planning your next eco-friendly adventure. 

1. Always Plan Ahead

On an electric car road trip, spontaneity is not always your friend. While some destinations will be easier to get to than others, you’re not limited to where you can go. It just takes a little more planning. Depending on your route, the...

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Insider’s Guide to Dallas During Destinations International’s Annual Convention

We’re excited to be back at Destinations International’s Annual Convention next week in Dallas, Texas. And we’ve made sure there’s ample opportunity for us to connect. Catch us at our keynote session, “The Destination Organization of the Future: Prepared for What Lies Ahead,” during one of our four Flashes of Brilliance sessions on July 19 and July 20, in our Pinnacle Partner Room (Fair Park 2) or in the halls! Connecting with industry colleagues (and friends) and sharing knowledge with one another is truly one of our favorite parts of the convention experience.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention how excited we are to explore Dallas during the conference (we’re travel enthusiasts, what can we say?).

In keeping with the convention theme...