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Chris Adams
Successful, sustainable tourism needs a welcoming and supportive local community. One of the priorities to emerge from the last few years is the importance of the partnership between Destination... more
Najauna White
Is this the first you’re hearing about the holiday? If so, we’ve got you covered on what you should know about Juneteenth, ways that you can celebrate inclusively and what destinations are doing... more
Amanda Steward
Over the past few years, a lot has happened in email marketing. Not only did COVID-19 throw everyone for a loop, but click bots were rampant and then, last fall, Apple decided to throw in their new... more
Lauren Fox
The latest research from The State of the American Traveler, Destinations Edition, showed that Americans want to travel and are ready to travel again. People are more motivated to travel and are... more
Lauren Fox
Miles recently held its annual scholarship program to award one industry professional in each of the STS member states with a scholarship to Marketing College. Recipients receive a scholarship... more
Tim Wright
"Picture it, Sicily 1912…" so begins the opening to almost every unforgettable story told by the incomparable Sophia Petrillo, TV's original Golden Girl. Though a fictional character from a 1980s... more
Chris Adams
The Sundarbans region of Bangladesh is home to the world’s largest remaining Mangrove Forest, two World Heritage sites and the critically endangered, regal Bengal Tiger. Bangladesh is a country... more
Rebekah McLain
Let’s talk about creating inclusive content. The goal of inclusive content is to ensure your messaging strikes a chord with everyone who comes across it. It’s about respecting and appreciating people... more
Chris Adams
See the blog, “The End & the Beginning,” that assesses the recovery of travel (January 2022). See the biweekly Travel Sentiment Study from Longwoods International and sponsored by Miles. ... more
Kris Wood
It’s a catch-22. DMOs and travel organizations across the globe have had their marketing budgets slashed in the face of the pandemic that brought the entire industry to a standstill. But as the world... more