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Hayden Pigott
Check out Hayden's spotlight segment on TikTok in "The State of the American Traveler: Technology Edition" webinar. TikTok is the seventh most used app in the world, and with 732 million monthly... more
Emilie DeLong
This is a continuation of "YouTube SEO & Channel Optimization Best Practices - Optimizing Content (Part 2)." Using YouTube’s Cards and End Screen Functionality While not a requirement, using... more
June is a month dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the voices of LGBTQ+ people. Although Pride is often associated with brightly colored parades and festive parties, it is essential to understand... more
Emilie DeLong
YouTube’s end goal is always centered around keeping viewers on its platform for as long as possible. It does this by leveraging an algorithm that tries to predict the content its viewers want to... more
Chris Adams
Successful, sustainable tourism needs a welcoming and supportive local community. One of the priorities to emerge from the last few years is the importance of the partnership between Destination... more