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Chris Adams
Food is a fundamental and foundational part of tourism. While visitors’ engagement in a destination’s arts and culture, outdoor activities or specific attractions may vary, every visitor wants... more
Samantha Sitt
See the latest Electric Vehicle (EV) Travel Research from Longwoods International and Miles Partnership here.  See our webinar on U.S. Road Trips and EV Travel with Longwoods International, the... more
Samantha Sitt
If you’re one of the many Americans planning a road trip this year, chances are you might come across the opportunity to make it electric. Whether you own an electric vehicle (EV) yourself or are... more
Caitlin Bolton
We’re excited to be back at Destinations International’s Annual Convention next week in Dallas, Texas. And we’ve made sure there’s ample opportunity for us to connect. Catch us at our keynote session... more
Miranda Maisto
As destinations around the world seek innovative ways to reach new audiences, it's crucial not to overlook the potential of pop culture tourism. This form of tourism, driven by the influence of... more
Juan Vargas
Taste the Rainbow. No, I am not referring to Skittles. June is Pride month, and “taste the rainbow” is a common phrase I hear as I am walking into stores, attending local Pride events or traveling to... more
Erin Marvin
SARASOTA, FLA (June 13, 2023) — Miles Partnership, a strategic marketing consultancy in the travel and tourism industry, announced that it has made a strategic investment in Black Diamond, an... more
Najauna White
Juneteenth is just a week away. But before clicking "publish" on that blog or launching a new campaign in recognition of the day, let's take a second to make sure your content is on the right track... more