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Lauren Fox
Miles recently held its annual scholarship program to award one industry professional in each of the STS member states with a scholarship to Marketing College. Recipients receive a scholarship... more
Tim Wright
"Picture it, Sicily 1912…" so begins the opening to almost every unforgettable story told by the incomparable Sophia Petrillo, TV's original Golden Girl. Though a fictional character from a 1980s... more
Chris Adams
The Sundarbans region of Bangladesh is home to the world’s largest remaining Mangrove Forest, two World Heritage sites and the critically endangered, regal Bengal Tiger. Bangladesh is a country... more
Rebekah McLain
Let’s talk about creating inclusive content. The goal of inclusive content is to ensure your messaging strikes a chord with everyone who comes across it. It’s about respecting and appreciating people... more
Chris Adams
See the blog, “The End & the Beginning,” that assesses the recovery of travel (January 2022). See the biweekly Travel Sentiment Study from Longwoods International and sponsored by Miles. ... more
Kris Wood
It’s a catch-22. DMOs and travel organizations across the globe have had their marketing budgets slashed in the face of the pandemic that brought the entire industry to a standstill. But as the world... more
Emilie DeLong
This is a continuation of "YouTube SEO & Channel Optimization Best Practices - Optimizing Your Channel (Part 1)." Uploading Content to YouTube After uploading your video, you’ll want to take... more
Hayden Pigott
TikTok has surpassed all social media (even Google) as the number one most downloaded app and the most-searched-for term in the last six months. More than a billion videos are viewed every day by the... more
Mitch Veix
An emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion. These can be included in your email subject line to strategically draw the eye and, if used correctly, can increase your... more
Emilie DeLong
Create video content, they said.  It would be fun, they said. And it is...until all that time and creativity nets you with disappointing views and little engagement. So, what’s the deal? ... more