The Future of Visitor Guides - DMA West Tech Summit Webinar

The Future of Visitor Guides: How COVID is Shaking Up the Printed Visitor Guide vs. eBook Debate and What It Means for Your DMO

Presented by Chris Adams, Head of Research & Insights, Miles Partnership; Erin Francis Cummings, President & CEO, Destination Analysts; Mina Robertson, Account Director, Miles Partnership; Ariane Hiltebrand, Director of Marketing Systems & Insights, Sonoma County Tourism; and Susan Richardson, Director of Content & Digital Marketing, Visit Austin

The COVID pandemic has created some unique challenges for printed visitor guides and short-term opportunities with ebooks. DMO budgets and co-op advertising revenue are both under real pressure. How are DMOs grappling with these challenges and what does the largest-ever DMO Visitor Guide study – commissioned by the DMA West Foundation – say about the role of the printed visitor guide both during the pandemic and its longer-term future? This session shared the latest insights and a lively debate on the future of the official visitor guide as well as best practices in managing your visitor guide strategy both during the crisis and in the recovery.

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