Global All-Stars 2018

Mainstage General Session:

Global All-Stars Innovators Showcase: Destination Storytelling, Placemaking & Artificial Intelligence

Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 4-5pm PDT

At the 2018 Global All-Stars Mainstage Session, we brought together three speakers and three critical trends that are reshaping destinations and travel. In this exciting session, we experienced a global storytelling journey with Airbnb, learning about the elements that drive their most compelling and buzzworthy content; heard from a world leading urban architect on the latest trends in “placemaking,” reimagining downtown and public spaces to benefit visitors, locals and businesses; and saw how Google Street View is bringing more advanced and compelling content to their platform and what this means for destinations. With remarkable insights, inspiration and ideas for your destination, check out the resources from Global All-Stars 2018.   

2018 Global All-Stars Speakers

Facilitated by Chris Adams and Elena Prostova, Miles Partnership

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Global All-Stars Immersion Lab

At the 2018 Global All-Stars Immersion Lab, we demoed the latest technology integrations with 360 content and rich media through platforms like Google and OmniVirt.  Attendees received a hands-on look at some of the latest innovations in DMO marketing through interactive content and immersive storytelling. Check out our blog post on Immersive Storytelling for more on the experience.

  • OmniVirt is a 360° VR / AR advertising platform that powers top 360° VR tourism and destination marketing campaigns like Visit Delaware, Travel Nevada and Visit St. Petersburg Clearwater. Their proprietary 360° VR Player enables the distribution of 360° VR marketing content across all browsers and devices to broaden audience reach and deepen engagement, no app download or headset needed. OmniVirt’s 360° VR ads outperform 2D ads by 10X with a 300% lift in CTR.