Miles Partnership Launches Apprenticeship Program with Tourism Diversity Matters

SARASOTA, Fla. (November 18, 2022) — Miles Partnership, a leading tourism marketing consultancy, has announced that it will be partnering with Tourism Diversity Matters (TDM) to create a 2023 Apprenticeship Program.

Developed to support recent or upcoming diverse college graduates who have a concentration in business studies and a passion for the travel and hospitality industry, the TDM Apprenticeship Program is a paid opportunity for the selected apprentice to gain valuable hands-on experience at Miles Partnership. The apprentice will receive training in various areas of the company, including diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), finance and operations, followed by greater exposure to distinct career tracks such as DEI, marketing and communications and strategic planning.

“We are thrilled to be the first tourism marketing agency to launch an apprenticeship program in collaboration with TDM,” said Melissa Cherry, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and SVP at Miles Partnership. “Participating in the TDM Apprenticeship Program aligns with Miles’ mission to enrich lives through travel—which is only possible through an active and intentional commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“We are grateful for the involvement of Miles Partnership and our other participating partners to help us amplify the impact of the Apprenticeship Program,” said Greg DeShields, Executive Director of Tourism Diversity Matters. “Together we can build the next generation of tourism leaders.”

The TDM Apprentice Program at Miles Partnership reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to attracting and developing diverse talent. Upon successfully completing 600 working hours over the course of 16 to 18 weeks, the apprentice will be offered full-time employment with Miles as a DEI Project Coordinator. Under the guidance of Miles’ Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Vice President of DEI, the DEI Project Coordinator will support various projects both within Miles and externally with clients and across the broader tourism industry. This position will be based in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.




About Miles Partnership
Miles Partnership is a strategic marketing consultancy focused exclusively on travel and tourism. Miles works with more than 130 destinations and hospitality businesses to create forward-thinking print and digital content marketing solutions.

About Tourism Diversity Matters
Tourism Diversity Matters (TDM) is a 501(c)(6) founded in 2020 to empower tourism organizations to evolve and achieve excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Dedicated solely to all dimensions of DEI, TDM drives organizations forward through four primary pillars of activity: Apprenticeships, Workforce Development, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Strategies, and Research and Data. TDM collaborates with renowned academic institutions and industry partners to address workforce disparities and ensure tourism organizations have equitable access to forward-thinking research and educational resources. Through exceptional expertise and leading DEI strategies, TDM’s highly customized work guides organizations to fuel innovation, grow their business and become an employer of choice. Learn more at


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