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In the webinar, “Destination Decisions,” Miles Partnership and Future Partners highlighted leisure travelers’ 2024 destination selections, peeked into their itineraries and explored what ultimately drives them to choose a destination.

Excitement for leisure travel remains high this year, with over 87% of travelers already having trips planned. We looked at key insights around the ultimate deciding factors when choosing the type of destination, specifically, beach, urban, mountain and national parks. Additionally, we examined the most sought-after experiences and uncovered a surprising segment that is highly likely to travel overseas in the next 12 months.

Did you know that 64% of travelers are interested in experiencing signature local events while traveling? This interest escalates further when these events are centered around food, drinks and music. The guest panel shared their perspectives on how unique, signature events consistently draw visitors to their communities year after year. They also provided practical advice and shared success stories highlighting how tourism has inspired, amplified and nurtured these highly valuable local celebrations.

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