San Francisco’s Authentic Voices Inspire Visitors

“Always San Francisco” Video Series for San Francisco Travel
San Francisco’s authentic voices inspire visitors
With longtime locals as hosts, Miles created this video series to amplify insider perspectives, diverse neighborhoods and distinct cultural elements, energizing new and repeat visitors.


Visual content influences travel decisions. San Francisco Travel knew it. What they weren’t sure of was how to create content—a video series, specifically—that would:

  • Be authentic to the city and the CVB’s branding initiative
  • Be inspiring to first-time and repeat visitors
  • Be highly visible
  • Be cost-effective

Enter Miles.


We imagined a four-video series, “Always San Francisco.” Behind the scenes, we checked the boxes. (“Are the CVB’s content pillars—culinary, arts and culture, diversity—emphasized?” Check, check and check.) The magic happens when you watch.

We worked closely with the CVB to select a different host for each video, each a longtime resident for inherent authenticity. Our hosts were more than card-carrying San Franciscans, though. They were eager to share insider perspectives, show off diverse neighborhoods and reveal distinctive elements of local culture—proving even to repeat visitors that the city is never the same, yet “Always San Francisco.” In other words, maybe you’ve kicked around the Mission District. But, was your visit as cool as the recommendations from the neighborhood’s resident music-producer-turned-cupcake-baker Brandon Arnovick? (He’d tell you to hang at Laszlo for film, funky beats and Micheladas, to start.)

To maximize visibility for the series, we crafted an owned-channel distribution strategy and targeted interest-based audiences through the CVB’s website, email and social channels.

And to maximize the CVB’s budget—without sacrificing production quality—we kept shoots short and sweet.

Seriously—watch them. And then tell us how badly you want to sip classic cocktails in Nob Hill or eat your way across Chinatown.


Always Delicious: The Mission District with Brandon Arnovick
Always Illuminating: Citywide gallery of lights with Max Gunawan
Always Delicious: Classic San Francisco with Marcia Gagliardi
Always Intriguing: San Francisco’s Chinatown with Linda Lee


Turns out, layering the authentic testimonials of our hosts with the distinct, diverse imagery of San Francisco worked: combined organic views for the “Always San Francisco” videos on Facebook and YouTube neared 60,000. (Icing on the cupcake: Miles generated that success with an average cost less than $8,000 per video.)

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