Bold New Website Brings Brand to Life

Responsive Website Build for Visit St. Pete/Clearwater
Responsive site, responsive users
Visit St. Pete/Clearwater had just undergone a bold rebranding—and they needed a newly rebranded, responsive website to match.


Visit St. Pete/Clearwater needed a modern, responsive website to reflect its vibrant new “Live Amplified” branding—and optimize traffic and interaction with site visitors.


First things first: improve the user experience. Informed by navigation analytics, we simplified the nav for desktop and mobile users by spotlighting what matters most to them (beaches, events and communities, if you’re curious).

Next, we focused on content. We began by methodically auditing existing articles, videos and photographs—by the hundreds—narrowing elements, and revamping others, to match our client’s new branding and pack enticing trip ideas and partner awareness.

The audit inspired us to create new content types, too. Robust tag pages combine editorial content—images, videos, “featured” related attractions—with direct links to relevant partner listings. These pages, plus a sticky footer we dropped in, provide easy access to those big drivers we mentioned earlier.

As long as we were making clear calls to action, we devised some clever ways of integrating BookDirect and the online Visitor Guide into the redesign.

Simultaneously, we re-envisioned the site design with an eye to the client’s new branding. Bold images anchor each page, amplifying the destination’s unique allure. Parallax scrolling, animated elements and a tile format echo its vibrancy—and make movement through the site fun, simple and engaging for all audiences.

When it was time to stitch social into the mix, we made sure our new content was highly shareable, and integrated Trip Advisor functionality into our content pages, allowing users to tap into real-time posts from fellow travelers.

Check out the “What’s Trending” feature on the home page.


Results for the new website were as brilliant and bold as the brand itself:

  • Eight of the top 10 landing pages for organic traffic are new robust tag pages or revamped articles. They’re showing excellent engagement metrics, too.
  • BookDirect referrals increased 386% year-over-year.
  • Online visitor guide views increased year-over-year.
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