The State of the American Traveler: Technology Edition 2022

Tuesday, July 12, 3pm ET

The State of the American Traveler, Technology Edition, examines the latest trends and opportunities in the use of new technologies by U.S. travelers. From the use of virtual experiences to the rise of TikTok, the Technology Edition predicts and interprets the technologies that are reshaping travel research, planning and booking. In this webinar, Destination Analysts will share the latest research on U.S. travelers’ use of new technology to plan trips and to travel. Hayden Pigott of Miles Partnership will give an updated look at the world of TikTok and the opportunities for destinations and businesses to become more engaged. You won't want to miss this webinar full of global examples of innovative uses of new technologies, new media and new content in travel and tourism.




View the 2021 Technology Edition here.