Wide-Open Inspiration and Trip Tips Deliver More

Wyoming Official Travelers Journal for the Wyoming Office of Tourism
Wide-open inspiration and trip tips deliver more for Wyoming
How do you deliver more for long-term clients? Watch what we did for Wyoming with a little extra spark and a lot of road trip-ready details.


Miles’ mission is plain: we inspire people to travel. But we don’t just drop visitors at the curb. We equip them with ideas—lots of ideas—for experiencing their destinations.

For several clients, including the Wyoming Office of Tourism, we’ve been at this for years, delivering solid results. Our challenge, then, is to deliver more. When it came time to re-concept the Official Travelers Journal, we came out ideas blazing: we’d deepen our client’s influence on visitor decisions and increase visitor spending. And no, that wasn’t just our mountain-high talking.


As usual, we started with inspiration, opening the guide with three spreads’ worth of spark. We weren’t shy with the creative, selecting one iconic image to dominate each spread. Minimal text lets the spread’s image do the talking, but you can bet we dropped related vacation ideas, and page numbers for planning, within each block. (Because once you see the rainbow of color in Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic Spring, you’re figuring out how to make that road trip happen.)

From here, we equipped readers with a load of vacation ideas by:

    • Detailing four road trips accentuating the Cowboy State’s one-of-a-kind offerings, complete with playfully-designed maps
    • Featuring 14 articles packed with specifics on experiencing Wyoming’s Western heritage, national parks and monuments
    • Offering 20 geographically-driven articles to guide readers to specific experiences within the state’s five tourism regions


Wondering if this depth of detailed, actionable content and wealth of evocative imagery enabled us to deliver more to our client? So were we.

Year-over-year online surveys of guide recipients showed increases across the board:

  • A higher percentage of respondents said the guide influenced their decision to visit Wyoming
  • A higher percentage of respondents said the new guide influenced them to return to Wyoming
  • A higher percentage of respondents said the new guide influenced them to extend time in a particular Wyoming location

And, respondents who received the new guide spent more on average than the previous year’s respondents when surveyed about their travel spending in Wyoming.



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