U.S. Road Trips 2023: The Latest Trends & Outlook for Electric Vehicle Travel

In our 2023 “U.S. Road Trips” webinar, Longwoods International and Miles Partnership presented a new, exclusive look at U.S. road trips, exploring travelers’ interests, planning, and behavior. Additionally, in 2023, we also undertook custom research on the rapidly growing segment of electric vehicle (EV) travel. More than half (52%) of all Americans are likely to make an EV their next car purchase, yet 51% rate “difficulty finding charging stations” as a key challenge in using an EV on a road trip. 

This year, we were joined by two industry experts from two U.S. states leading in EV travel development to discuss promotional strategies and address some of the primary concerns surrounding EV trips (plus their solutions!). Our guest speakers included: 

  • Andrew Grossmann, Director of Destination Development for the Colorado Tourism Office 
  • Lena Allen, Director of Outdoor Recreation and Sustainability for the Arizona Tourism Office 

Watch the recording below and find the full research findings from Longwoods International in the reports below.  




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