Inspiring Veterans to Call Florida Home

Multimedia Marketing Strategy for Veterans Florida
Inspiring veterans to call Florida home
Miles delivers visitors. But could we inspire veterans to choose a state for life? Sure, but we’d have to develop a brand platform from the ground up first.


Nearly 2/3 of new veterans say they’ve faced a difficult transition to civilian life. If Miles can deliver visitors, could we inspire veterans to call Florida home? Veterans Florida partnered with us to try.


We designed a marketing strategy that would work on multiple channels and levels, but that, at its core, emphasized just three things: LIVE, WORK and LEARN. With these themes—critical to transitioning veterans—leading our efforts, the path was clear for us to communicate Florida-specific info, and above all, the state’s advantages for veterans. Here’s how we did it:

  • Built a brand for the program, beginning with asset development driven by evocative imagery and messaging that referenced both military and civilian life
  • Redesigned the Veterans Florida website with particular emphasis on critical pages, including providing highly accessible pathways to strategic content developed around our themes of LIVE, WORK and LEARN
  • Developed this new content, including video elements, with an eye to ongoing SEO efforts, and promoted Veterans Florida’s evolved online presence via social media and targeted media buys in collaboration with our digital partners
  • Revised email sign-up forms with prompts for relevant interests, from Florida activities to programs and service offerings for veterans
  • Developed powerful ads and associated print content from brochures to press releases, distributed in part via targeted print media buys
The campaign emphasized core themes critical to transitioning veterans




Within four months, the digital facets of our program were delivering steady increases in e-newsletter sign-ups and search engine results. But check out these web traffic stats comparing months three and four of our campaign:

  • Total monthly visits increased 28%
  • Total unique visitors increased 24%
  • Total page views increased 41%
  • Organic traffic increased 24%

And, the number of applicants for entrepreneurship and employment programs detailed in our new web content items also increased.

Meanwhile, on Facebook:

  • The Veterans Florida fan page, with 8 fans prior to our campaign, reached 49,000+ fans in just four months
  • Veterans began using the Facebook page to request information and support for finding housing and work in Florida


Mission accomplished.

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