Chris Adams

Head of Research & Insights

Chris Adams in Japan
Chris Adams in Saudi Arabia
Chris Adams in Ecuador
Chris Adams at Mt. Taranaki in New Zealand
Chris Adams in Seville, Spain

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"The best thing about working at Miles is working with nearly four hundred passionate, curious, fellow travelers in a sector that I love."

As head of research and insights, Chris is also our "head of curiosity" for understanding major trends, opportunities and challenges in travel and tourism. When not involved in research, education or other projects at Miles, Chris is an avid traveler — always off to far-flung destinations with his friends, daughters and other family.

Favorite Travel Memory

Those special moments while traveling when you round a corner or top a hill and see a special, completely different view of the world. Unique sights, sounds, smells and feel. You are in a completely new moment in a completely new place. I’ve been lucky enough to have many of these from AlUla to Zanzibar and the Amazon to Tokyo.

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