The Year in Review and the Year Ahead 2022

The Critical Travel Trends & Technologies Reshaping Travel - 7th Annual Edition

This year in the annual edition of "The Year in Review and the Year Ahead 2022," Phocuswright, Miles Partnership and Arival unveiled crucial travel trends and technologies that are fundamentally changing the travel landscape. Phocuswrights' custom research answers key industry questions on the minds of many in the tourism industry: When and how will international tourism recover? What are remote workers really looking for in their destinations and accommodations? What marketing trends are worth keeping an eye on, and which ones should be let go? Arival shares critical insights and the latest research around the generational shifts in experiences, the true value of visual content and how this will shift trip planning in the future.

Please see the resources below for this essential guide to the universal travel trends that must be in your planning for 2023 and beyond.


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