The State of the American Traveler: 2022 Traveler Segments Edition

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by Jennie Wang
Marketing Coordinator

In the latest annual Traveler Segments Edition of The State of the American Traveler, Destination Analysts and Miles Partnership shared original insights into critical segments of U.S. travelers and custom research on post-pandemic shifts. Mark Ellwood, editor-at-large with Robb Report, gave a unique look at affluent and luxury travelers, highlighting the evolution, outcomes, and desires that have developed in this new travel landscape.

Travelers are craving inspiration, adventure and diversity, and not just in experiences; 45% of Gen Z travelers say they identify as a non-caucasion race and seek greater representation in destinations. While inflation and high travel prices have put a pause on some immediate travel decisions, all segments are unanimous in agreeing that travel is a high priority in the next 12 months. 

VFR (visiting friends and family) makes up 40% of the U.S. leisure traveler population, adventurers encompass the top trip planners and dreamers, while wellness travelers are pursuing fashion and wine and spending on average $5,207 in the next year. What about those luxury travelers? Well, according to Mark Ellwood, “People are spending their money to go somewhere no one else has been.” Not only will these travelers spend over $6,000 on an average leisure trip, almost 60% of them say they are someone others seek travel advice from. 

For more findings from the latest research, check out this Executive Summary or the full webinar deck and recording. Be sure to follow Future Partners and Miles Partnership for up-to-date research and trends on the American traveler.

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